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We introduce ourselves as an exporter of an extensive range of fresh Indian spices, herbs, oilseeds, and other agro products.
We are a team of professionals in different fields with a broad vision and vast knowledge. We have our associates who are best in terms of delivery.


India is well known for its spices richness for ages. India is a significant leading producer, consumer and, exporter of Spices and Oil Seeds. It contributes to a total 44% of world production. Indian Spices are used worldwide in many cuisines ranging from continental, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and so on. We are glad to carry forward this tradition of Indian Spices by exporting the highest quality of Indian Spices to the world.


Oilseeds occupy an important position in the agricultural economy of India. The country is the largest producer of oilseeds in the world and contributes 7 per cent of the global vegetable oils production with 14 per cent share in the area.


Herbal is based on the basic principle that to prevent and use flavouring and garnishing food, in medicine, or as aromas and consciousness through appropriate drinking, nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as remedies, is essential. Herbs and Herbal is a holistic method of medical science and is the oldest healing science which is almost 6000 years old. This method of medicine was grown in the old lands of India. Hindu Vedas consider Herbal as a gift of Gods to humankind which was given to the saints and sages of India in deep meditation.

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Our Best Products

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Cumin Seeds

Cumin is a decent source of Iron, Manganese, and different nutrients and minerals. Some exploration shows that cumin can stimulate the creation of pancreatic chemicals and help digestion

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Coriander Seeds

Coriander leaves help in healthy digestion. It has anti-oxidant properties which advances solid working of the liver and defecations.

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Fennel Seeds

Fennel is utilized for different stomach related issues including indigestion, intestinal gas swelling, loss of appetite, and colic in newborn children.

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Fenugreek Seeds

As per researches, fenugreek assists with lessening cholesterol levels, particularly that of the low thickness lipoprotein (LDL).


As per the specific needs of the clients, we are engaged in providing a high-quality range of Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice. Procured from the most trusted vendors, the range offered by us has been widely appreciated for its quality and high nutritional values. Extensively demand for its aroma and tastes, the rice that we offer is pure white and free from any impurities.



Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, commonly known as “Till”, is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. They are tiny, flat oval seeds with a nutty taste and an almost invisible crunch. They come in a host of different colours, depending upon the variety, including white, yellow, black and red.

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Onion Products

Fresh Red & White Onions, Dehydrated White & Red Onion in the foam of Kibbled/Minced/Chopped/Granules/Powder, as well as Toasted Onion Products.

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Ground Nut

Groundnut is the major oil seed of India. It accounts for around 25% of the total oil seed production of the country. Peanuts Production is highly vulnerable to rainfall deviations and display huge fluctuation between years. 70% of weight in shells and kernels has an oil recovery of 40-42%. Global trade of Indian Peanuts or Indian Groundnut oil is to the maximum of 100000 tons a year.

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