The fame of Indian spices is older than written history. It was the bait of this that brought numerous
sailors like Vasco Da Gama and Columbus to the shores of India. Today when spices cost so little, it
seems inconceivable that they were once a royal luxury only for the rich who had gold to exchange
for cinnamon, and a sack of pepper was sold to be worth a man’s life. when sea wars were fought
over spice producing colonies and when men were willing to risk their lives in search of them.For us,
the spices are still priceless, and part of our heritage.

The journey started way back in 1930 when our forefather Mr. Mohammad Kasam started supplying
spices to various local traders and exporters. This tradition was continued till the sad demises of our
great-grandfather at a very young age due to a life-taking disease. But then here we are who took
the initiative to get back to the roots and with higher aims of serving the international market.

Team Work:

We have a highly skilled team of professionals, who consistently work hard to maintain the quality of
our agro products. They are the most valuable assets & the backbone of our company and their main
objective is to provide the utmost level of satisfaction to our customers. Our talented workers,
administrative & marketing team and other associates are very cooperative with each other and
operate as a family. Hence we can commit to deliver in volume as and when our worthy customers


The Company has successfully tied up with reputed suppliers at the numerous producing centers
who are equipped with advance and automated machinery that effectively eliminate human error
and the processing is done under the most hygienic conditions. Our suppliers who are based at the
producing centers keep on providing us accurate market information on day to day basis which helps
us investigate the market trend and update our customers accordingly empowering them to
judicially project their procurement plans.

Our Vision:

To become one of the most trusted and reputed export house in the agro-commodity space by
steadily striving to focus on sourcing the best quality products, to deliver absolute quality and
satisfaction to its ever-broadening global reach.

Our Mission:

To be the benchmark in the industry in terms of quality, technology, innovation, and servicing.

Quality Assurance:

Quality of product has always been the motto and the priority of our company. We nurture an
experienced team of quality analysts who check the quality of our products at every level, right from
its procurement to final dispatch. Moreover, we also assure our products are processed hygienically

and packed in durable packing to prevent damage during transportation as well as possess long shelf
life. We believe that once a contract is signed it is inviolable. We take great pride in delivering the
right goods at the right price and at the right time. We surmise this to be the definition of quality.

We do not intend to say too much about ourselves however would request you to allow us to serve
you. Our values and business ethics will be naturally perceived by our esteemed buyers from the
quality of goods and the relevant services that we deliver.